Red Rackham's Treasure - The Shark Submarine. FREE UK DELIVERY


For the second piece in the “Icons” collection, we are pleased to present the Shark Submarine. This is a stunning resin replica of the Shark Submarine invented by Professor Calculus, which has been produced with strict faithfulness.

The submarine is fixed on a transparent stand at the right height to give the impression that the craft is floating above the ground. The base is painted yellow to give the impression of the sand on the seabed.

The model is neither too big nor too small (266 mm), it has been reduced to a suitable size to integrate harmoniously with the other pieces in the collection.

We also opted for a satin finish that brings an extra touch of gracefulness to the object. 

Numbered Limited Edition in a Gift Box and with a Certificate,

Dimensions: 26.5 cm x 10 cm x 15.2 cm

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