The Ultimate Tintin Rocket - 90cm high - Numbered Limited Edition.


Appears in both adventures Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon

Numbered Limited Edition 

Height: 90cm 
Material: Painted resin, with a beautiful high gloss finish
Limited edition.

Hergé was intensely curious about science, and the pinnacle of his hyper-realism can be seen in Tintin's Moon adventures. The red-and-white chequered Moon rocket has become an iconic symbol not only of Hergé's work but also of comic strips in general.

This new 90 cm resin model Tintin rocket is based on a drawing from Explorers on the Moon and has been manufactured using top-quality materials. Each rocket is packaged in a beautiful box and comes with a certificate.

This Ultimate Deluxe version is BIG & HEAVY.

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1015cm X 515cm X 47cm




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