Playforever Maverick - M103 Heat - Voiture De Police



Heat was inspired by the streets of 1960's New York. At this time there was a sense of boldness in design, Playforever is honoured to pay homage to the 'slab-sided' vehicles that had such an impact on style.

Style: Voiture De Police Maverick Heat
Colour: Blue & White
Materials: ABS plastic with high gloss UV coating
Dimensions: 215mm x width 120mm x height 92mm
Test certificates: CPSIA for the USA and EN71 for Europe. All extensive testing carried out by TUV Hong Kong.

Playforever toys are British designed. These timeless and elegant toys are collector's pieces. The toys have been engineered to last. They are made of heavy duty plastic and are tested to meet specific performance requirements, including endurance and finish. The toys are virtually indestructible and therefore true to their name - play forever. They are equally at home on the shelf of a stylish nursery or the office table of a company executive. Lovely to play with, and gorgeous to look at, these unique products are a perfect gift for adults or children.

Inspired by classic car designs, the products in the beautifully crafted Playforever range by Julian Meagher are intended to last forever. 

Age guide: from 3 - 103 years.

Packaged in a chic presentation box.

Designed in the UK



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